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Thomas Cook was born in 1809 and lived in Leicester in the centre of] England. Thomas Cook was the first person who developed mass tourism. Many excursions and tours, which opened up the words of travelling fori pleasure to the middle classes, were organized by him| Cook believed than travel would broaden the mind. His success of the travel business wasj phenomenal.
The English Channel, France and Switzerland, Egypt were popular] destinations for Cook's tours./When he reached the age of 63 he still desired to travel round the globe. So, in the early 1870 the first round the world tour was organized.^He set off from Liverpool on the steamship Oceanic. He was impressed by the American railroad, its open carriages, sleeping cars, on?board toilets and efficient baggage handing. Japan delighted him by its "beauty and rich fertility". He was shocked by "narrow filthy streets" of China and had another culture shock in India, which was also "filthy and revolting". By the time he left Bombay for Egypt he was tired and in 1873 wrote to "The Times" that he wouldn't travel over the world again that "after 32 years of travelling with the view of making travelling easy, cheap and safe for others and ought to rest" he wrote. In Cairo he fell seriously ill for the first time. He arrived home in England after 222 days abroad. Though he didn't go on world tours again he continued to visit Egypt until the late 1880s. He died in July 1892 at the age of eighty-three.
*​ Where was he born?

*​ When was he born?

*​ What countries did he travel to?

*​ What was his contribution to the development of tourism?

*​ What do you think were the most important events in his life?

*​ What do you learn on his travels?

*​ When did he die?