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Как написать сочинение о профессии родителей на английском языке.

The profession of my dad, a civil engineer, involves many different areas and gives the right to leadership positions in the construction industry. At the moment dad uses his experience and knowledge in the construction of multistory apartment house, and its function is to control the manufacture of all construction and finishing works of the object. 
 It is a very challenging and respected profession, requiring constant work on yourself, gain experience and knowledge, utmost care and responsibility, because the skills of the engineer depend largely on both the functionality and safety of the structure. Thats why dad always carefully examines the technical documentation and follows all innovations in the global construction experience. 
 My mom, the English teacher of the University, engaged in advanced scientific research. Currently she writes a dissertation, which will largely contribute to her future career. 
This profession is extremely exciting, because the knowledge of a foreign language is like opening other horizons and allows you to communicate directly with residents of other States. So we can say that the profession of my mother unites people and makes their life richer.
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